Planning, packing, preparing.

Austin, Texas --> Lima, Peru

Planning.  Packing.  Preparing.  This has been our life on repeat for the past few weeks.  If you know Russ and I, you're probably not surprised.  We've been swimming in a sea of to-do lists, spreadsheets, itineraries, travel blogs, websites, you name it, to plan our next big adventure.  I could have added Panic to that little alliteration that I so cleverly whipped up (it took an embarrassingly long time) because, well, putting your life on hold for a solid month as an adult is no easy task.  We think it will be worth it.

Why Peru and Ecuador?  South America offers an abundance of opportunities to learn about sustainable development and environmental issues, which is the focus of our trip.  With some of the most biodiverse landscapes in the world, Peru and Ecuador are prime for learning about sustainability practices, eco-tourism, and conservation. We aim to share via this blog so that you can not only learn about sustainability along with us, but perhaps spread awareness and/or incorporate some eco-practices at home too.

Also, I should mention ceviche, chocolate, coffee, the Amazon, beaches, mountains, Machu Picchu, and this Pisco Sour concoction that apparently we must try (um, no problem).  So yeah, for a number of reasons, Peru and Ecuador have been on the top of our bucket list for a while now.

Disclaimer: I (Mel, the lady with the oversized backpack that I can barely lift, pictured below) will be the blogger for this trip.  I am not a professional blogger nor am I a sustainability guru.  But, I hope you will still find these posts enjoyable and useful.  If not, stop reading and save yourself now!

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Four weeks.  Two countries.  One mission.  Or, maybe a couple of missions if you count the obligatory chocolate tastings, but you get what I was doing there.  Regardless, we are excited.  We hope that you will follow us and Mountain Sun as we explore Peru and Ecuador.

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Shameless send-off selfie.  Many more of these to come....stay tuned!

Shameless send-off selfie.  Many more of these to come....stay tuned!