how can we help on your next project?

MOUNTAINSUN aims to be your development partner in seeing your VISION come to LIFE!  We are committed to creating cool + meaningful spaces that make financial sense.  We offer full service design and development in compliance with local, state and federal requirements. 

sustainability + environmental management

  • Sustainable SITES Initiative + LEED Certifications

  • Ecosystem Services Evaluation + Ecology Based design/planning support. 

  • Cradle-to-cradle implementation strategies.

  • Resilient development strategies. 

  • Smart Growth and Low-Impact-Development Planning strategies

  • Ag-Based Development: Planning, Compliance + Permitting

  • Energy Net-Zero Master Plan consultation

  • Conservation Easements, Land Trust + Carbon Banking strategies

  • Environmental and Wetlands Regulatory Permitting

  • Renewable Energy Strategies (with our Strategic Partners)

  • Triple Bottom Line (3BL) strategies  

  • Net Zero Energy building auditing 

civil engineering + design services

  • Site + Master Planning

  • GIS Analytics + Mapping

  • Subdivision Mapping (tentative and final map preparation ) and Condo Documents

  • Concept Plans + Preliminary Engineering 

  • Hydrology + Hydraulic Studies and Reports.

  • Green Infrastructure: Low Impact Development Design

  • City/County Site Plan Preparation, Permitting + Approvals.

  • Subdivision Improvement Plan Preparation, Permitting + Approvals.

  • Water Resources Planning and Design

  • Local, State and Federal Permitting.

  • Full Civil Engineering Project Management

  • 3D Site Renderings

  • Systematic Quality Assurance Quality Control checks.

  • Boundary + Topo Surveys

  • Landscape Architecture


We work with an innovative and creative group of land use professionals - real estate advisors, engineers, planners and architects - to provide development services around the globe.

  • Owner Representation / Project Management: Entitlements to construction administration.

  • Development + Permitting Management

  • Master Planning Oversight and Consultation

  • Asset Management

  • Acquisitions + Site Selection Support

  • Site Investigation + Feasibility Reports

  • Land-Use, Zoning and Entitlement Support

  • Pre-Design Services

  • Pre-Construction Services: Project Management + Bidding Support

  • Construction Administration

  • Peer Review of Engineering Plans, Specifications and Estimates

  • Fee Development + At-Risk


  • Commercial + Residential

  • Recreation, Conservation Easements + Raw Land

markets + project type

MOUNTAINSUN has experience in a wide variety of project type, including the following:

  • Urban Farms

  • Agricultural-based Development

  • Net-Zero Energy

  • Tiny Home Development

  • Breweries

  • Wineries

  • Offices and Medical

  • Eco-Lodges

  • Retail Space

  • Single-family

  • Hotel + Restaurant

  • Resort

  • Conservation Projects

  • Transit Oriented Development

  • Recreation + Conservation Easements

  • Master Planned Communities

  • Municipal + State Parks

  • National Forest Planning and Design

  • Wilderness Trail Planning + Design

  • Sustainable Tree Farms

  • Carbon Mitigation

  • Vertical Mixed Use

  • Affordable Housing

  • Sustainable Tourism Projects

  • Multi-family Development

questions about going green?

Before starting any project, we lay the groundwork with big picture thinking, the FUN stuff! What are my project's financial goals?  What is the added-value of building with a thought to the environment and being more energy efficient? And how does it affect my bottom line?  How can we create a unique and really cool community?  What is the financial case for high-performance buildings and energy net zero communities?  What are the sustainability, social and economic development goals of my project? How can we go eco and still save money in the long run?  How can the project blend into the local neighborhood? The environment? ...The world?  How can we encourage smart growth and walkable neighborhoods?  What can we learn from other parts of the world that we can model our own developments after?   

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