ground·swell | grau̇nd-ˌswel | noun: 1) a buildup of opinion or feeling in a large section of the population. 2) a broad deep ocean wave caused by an often distant gale or seismic disturbance

We are a creative team of developers, dreamers, builders, explorers, wanderers, advocates and conservationists – taking a thoughtful, purposeful and passionate approach to sustainable development and Eco-conscious building.

GROUNDSWELL is leading the movement for the next-wave of development companies; with the mission to deliver Low-Impact + High-Performance Development projects that consider environmental and social consequences.

Established in 2018 to complement our consulting company, Mountain Sun Resources.

The clearest way into the Universe is through a forest wilderness.
— John Muir. Founder, Sierra Club

Our Mission

Building a sustainable planet.  

The cornerstone of the GROUNDSWELL mission is to foster a land ethic and to LIVE SIMPLY.  We are committed to conserving our land and restoring the environment by developing and partnering on projects in a thoughtful, harmonious and equitable way that does no unnecessary harm.  We invest in our community and in the conservation + preservation of wilderness and open space. 

We provide a thoughtful approach to land use, with a mission to provide the most harmonious blending of our natural + built environments.  We abide by the three pillars of sustainability - taking action that focuses on positive social, environmental and economic development

We believe there can be fair, equitable and sustainable development, without harm to our environment that sustains our life.  We will be vocal advocates of conservation, to help defend our public lands, oceans, biodiversity, clean water, and natural beauty. 

We believe low-impact-living is the future of a more sustainable world. We will strive to lead the charge of the next-wave of development that harnesses the value of high-performance buildings with a light-touch on the land. We believe there is a better way.

our story.

Founded by Russ Hooper, a professional civil engineer, LEED Accredited Professional and Licensed Real Estate Associate.  Inspiration for the company comes from his deep roots in the outdoors of Northern California and the Pacific Northwest, enjoying the abundance and beauty of Nature.

Having worked on hundreds of projects, GROUNDSWELL (and partner Mountain Sun Collective) brings years of professional environmental + engineering consulting, real estate advising and development services experience in California, Texas, Colorado, Washington and internationally. 

Our Philosophy

Our vision is to weave a land ethic into the fabric of our society; to advance the understanding, stewardship and restoration of nature.

What We've Achieved

  • Partnered with 1% For the Planet since our founding in 2016 (mountain sun collective). 1%FTP is a global movement to support grass-roots environmental issues - because together we can do more than we can alone. We contribute at least one percent of annual sales to high-impact environmental nonprofits to help protect the planet.

  • Registered Professional Engineers in California, Texas and Colorado.

  • Forged partnerships with homebuilders, investors and land owners.

  • City of Austin Green Business Leader, Gold distinction - 2017 (COA Office of Sustainability).

  • Launched our sustainable tourism initiative: Expedition.Earth - an initiative providing global environmental awareness through sustainable and experiential travel. Traveled to South America in 2017.

  • Supporting an Urban Agriculture startup in Austin, Texas helping to provide access to fresh food for all, with the mission to alleviate food insecurity issues, both locally and nationally.

  • An early adopter of the Sustainable SITES Initiative - a green building certification system for sustainable landscapes and green infrastructure.

  • Affiliated with California Broker to provide real estate referral services.

  • Supporting the North Coast Regional Land Trust (NCRLT) to help conserve old growth forests and habitat in northern California through partnership with 1%FTP.

  • Supporting the Rainforest Alliance to help bring awareness to the global depletion or primary rainforests through outreach and travel.

  • Joined the global social collaborator + incubator, Impact Hub: with offices around the World, forming a network of socially conscious businesses.

  • Active member of Engineers Without Borders (EWB) since 2002, providing technical and peer review to clean water and sanitation projects around the world.

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