Groundswell Development Group (GSD)

We are your development partner. We sponsor housing and hospitality projects, self-develop and partner with land-owners, builders and investors. We are seeking partners for current and upcoming projects.

how can we help you? 

We want to help create cool and meaningful spaces that are sustainable:  People. Planet. Profit.

We provide services from the beginning to the end of your project.  We can be engaged at any stage, but love to come in early during planning and pre-design, to help align the project team with the owner's vision.  Our aim is to be your expert and trusted advisor, providing exceptional communication every step of the way.

As real estate advisors, planners and engineers, we can take your project from conception to reality. Our staff are licensed professional engineers in California, Texas and (pending) Colorado.  [Texas Firm #18944]



In order to change an existing paradigm, you do not struggle to try and change the problematic model. You create a new model and make the old one obsolete.
— Buckminster (Bucky) Fuller

sustainable design + natural resource services

  • Sustainable SITES Initiative + LEED Certifications

  • Urban Farm, Agri-Hood + Sustainable Ag: Planning, Compliance + Permitting

  • Conservation Easements + Land Trust Consultation

  • Conservation Design: Ecological / Regenerative / Restoration

  • Stream + Wetland Enhancement + Restoration Consultation

  • Waters of US Compliance Consultation

  • Environmental Remediation Support

  • Green Infrastructure + Low-Impact-Development (LID) Planning + Design

  • SITES Cost Pro-formas + Analysis

  • Renewable Energy Master Site Planning

  • Environmental Planning + Land Use Management

  • Land + Asset Management

  • Regulatory Compliance + Permitting Support

  • GIS + Geospatial Services

  • Triple Bottom Line (3BL) Accounting/Analysis Consultation (with partners)

  • Water Resource + Infrastructure Planning Support

  • Net Zero Energy Building Consultation (with partners)

  • Sealed Engineering Plans, Specifications and Estimates (TX, CA and CO)


  • Land Management and Administration Services

  • Acquisitions + Deal Sourcing

  • Site Selection Support

  • Site Investigation + Feasibility Reports

  • Owner Representation + Development Services

  • Project Management: Team Assemblage/Coordination and Management

  • Program Management + Life-Cycle Project Planning

  • Land-Use, Zoning and Entitlement Support

  • Pre-Design Services: Preliminary + Concept Design and Planning

  • Site Development Permitting Management

  • Pre-Construction Services: Project Management + Bidding Support

  • Construction Administration

  • Peer Review of Engineering Plans, Specifications and Estimates

  • Fee Development + At-Risk

  • Low-Impact-High-Performance (LIHP) Real Estate


  • Commercial + Residential

  • Land Scout for Buyers and Sellers

  • Recreation, Conservation Easements + Raw Land

  • Licensed Agent Referral Service (through Affiliate Broker - CA)

markets + project type

The Mountain Sun Collective has experience in all of the following types of projects:

  • Urban Farms

  • Agricultural-based Development

  • Net-Zero Energy

  • Tiny Home Development

  • Breweries

  • Wineries

  • Offices and Medical

  • Eco-Lodges

  • Retail Space

  • Single-family

  • Hotel + Restaurant

  • Resort

  • Conservation Projects

  • Transit Oriented Development

  • Recreation + Conservation Easements

  • Master Planned Communities

  • Municipal + State Parks

  • National Forest Planning and Design

  • Wilderness Trail Planning + Design

  • Sustainable Tree Farms

  • Carbon Mitigation

  • Vertical Mixed Use

  • Affordable Housing

  • Sustainable Tourism Projects

  • Multi-family Development

questions about going green?

Before starting any project, we lay the groundwork with big picture thinking, the FUN stuff! What are my project's financial goals?  What is the added-value of building green and how does it affect my bottom line?  How can we create a unique and really cool community? What are the sustainability, social and economic development goals of my project? How can we go green but still save money?  How can the project weave into the local neighborhood? The environment? ...The world? Just ask!


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